by calree

>>ghost, violent, watch, unveiled, moon

you'd think--
skin ghost white and bruisy half moon under eye bags--
that appearances wouldn't lie,
that every time you step out of the house
you face an unveiling.
you're showing them your abhorrent
violent wrongness.
There's something ugly inside of you
and they can see it peeking out from
behind your fingernails
through your hair
in between your teeth
under your tongue.

The truth is--
probably worse.

They don't care.
They aren't looking.
Not even your mother,
who is genetically at fault for these feelings of yours.

Not even your father, who is only alive because his
creative use of the noose wasn't creative enough.

Not even your boyfriend
Who will kiss every inch of your skin
as long as you're still blushing, you're still alive
to him.

Not even the friends
you cant see anymore
who can't see you
because you're ghosts of different eras.

They aren't
at you.
They were never
at you.

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thank you for this