About A Jumble of Words

Our Idea

A Jumble of Words is based on the idea that being able to make unexpected connections lies at the heart of creativity. Therefore, word prompts can be a powerful way to jump start the creative process. We originally just wanted to create a tool to generate such word prompts, but that quickly evolved into wanting to save them, share them, and so on.

Our Logo

Why is our logo a teacup? To be honest, we aren't completely sure. However, we do enjoy a cup of tea, especially when we're writing. We think that tea is perfect for setting a contemplative and relaxing atmosphere, something we hope you will find here at our site.

Our Team

A Jumble of Words was created by two caffeinated college students called Ryan and Cheryl.

Ryan is a python programmer studying electrical and computer engineering. He loves plushies (and shares quite a large collection of them with Cheryl).

Cheryl is studying computer science, but spends a lot of their free time writing poetry and drawing pictures. They love coffee and drink way too much of it. They can usually be found sleeping during the day or staying up way too late!

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