kindergarten pt 2

by cain

>>kiosk, pretty, confidence, independent, faint

i smiled at you at your desk; you had set up a little kiosk with your toy flowers, you said barbie was selling them. she was pretty even with her chipped smile and course yellow hair. you were eating saltine crackers and the crumbs got all over my drawing of world peace. i brushed them off; the green crayon rolled onto the floor. barbie is going to faint, you yelled, and the barbie on your desk toppled over. but her eyes were open, she never lost her plastic confidence. barbie's going swimming, you yelled, and plopped her into the fish bowl when the teacher wasn't looking. sam the goldfish darts between the doll parts, independent of our shenanigans. and beyond the window, the sweet hum of muffled birdsong finds its way in. 

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feelin it, its good

Left By: calree

I really like the way you describe the scene here, it feels very colorful and simplified, as if through a child's perspective. Also, the way it's written feels like we are being kept at arms length by the scene, as if it were a memory or a place we are visiting and observing but cannot interact with. I presume this was intentional, or inherent to your personal writing style, since it's very well done.