Old Connections

by Jimmses

>>family, yeah, nabs, pause, heel

"Heel, girl."

Jen bounces back to his side and leans against his leg. The man taps with his cane until it strikes off the side of the bench. He sits.

Besides him, he hears the click of a lighter.

"Been a while."

A pause. It's a familiar voice. He searches in his mind for the speaker's name. He cut ties years ago.

Jen snuffles. She's not usually friendly with strangers.

He nabs it.


"How's the family, Tim?"

"Good. They're fine. Mary's in college now, out of state. Billy's away-"


He's cut off. He waits, feeling the old dread creep up again.


He doesn't respond, afraid of giving the wrong answer.

Besides him, the man moves. He hears him stand. His fading footfalls and the smell of cigarettes on the wind.

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