by Jimmses

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"Good morning!"

The class barely registered their teacher's arrival. One of the students gave a half-hearted wave of his hand. Mustache bristling in indignation, Marvin Magnifico rapped his wand on the table. It turned into a bird and flew out the window.

"I said, good morning!"

"Good morning, Mr. Magnifico." The class mumbled in chorus. A few students rolled their eyes. Marvin pretended not to notice.

"Very well! I hope you've looked at the papers I gave you yesterday. Who would care to tell me what we'll be learning this morning?"

Nobody answered.

"You! Gladys!" The girl was dozing at her desk again. Her neighbour nudged her and she woke up with a start. Privately, Marvin marked her off as an assistant. She'd never make full magician with that attitude.

"Yes, sir?" Marvin stared at the thin line of drool at the corner of her mouth in distaste.

"Gladys, Magic 101 is not a place for you to catch up on your sleep!" The girl just stared blankly at him. "Class! Tell Gladys what we're doing here in Magic 101."

More eye rolling. Marvin tapped his fingers in the air before remembering the lack of table. "Go on..." He prompted.

"Magic 101 is a unique opportunity for young minds to discover the talent in themselves, to display and delight, to usher in new wonders to the world. It is our privilege to learn the magic that surrounds us, every minute of every day."

Gladys muttered under her breath. The students sitting nearby snickered.

"Do you have something to share with the rest of the class, Gladys?" He made his voice as cold as he could.

"No, sir."

"Right!" Somewhat mollified, he brushed off the front of his jacket. Snapping his fingers, Marvin waited as the technicians rolled in the trolley. A locked safe sat on top.

"Remember, kids, always double check your props!"" he warned the class. "Otherwise you might not be able to pull that crucial rabbit out of your hat, hmm? People pay good money to see us and we don't want to disappoint these people, do we? Things could get unruly in the ring. There've even been some fatal incidents, which," Marvin raised his voice. "I hope you've memorised. Pop quiz Friday."

On the blackboard, he scrawled a few simple notations. "Read these out loud."

"Ho-cus, po-cus, a-bra-cadabra..."

"Good. Next time, with more oomph, please. That is what we call the distraction." Marvin winked at the class.

"Yes, Mr. Magnifico."

"Alright. Now, pay attention, class." He rubbed his gloved hands together. "Here's where the magic happens."

"Are you ready for the elephant?"

"Uh, sir-" It was Gladys again. Definitely assistant material, he thought.

"Not now, Gladys! It takes focus!"

"Sir, shouldn't we be doing this-"


There was an elephant in the room, looking extremely embarrassed. It raised its feet delicately and knocked a hole through the wall.

"-outdoors?" Gladys finished.

Marvin Magnifico had backed up as far as he could along the wall. "Ah. Yes. Thank you, Gladys." He cleared his throat.

"Any questions?"

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