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hello there! my name is olivia and all of my stories take place in the same universe, a universe about gods. these gods, siblings made from the blood and flesh of their father, inherited lands and kingdoms from said father, an elder god that essentially went crazy and was put down by the siblings and thrust under the earth. these gods have names but i will not be sharing them here, as i am not the original creator of these characters. they are for a project my friends and i are working on, a minecraft server with a huge story element. the character i am most familiar with is the one called the king, and his demigod who i created myself. she will be known as the empath. the king has two siblings, an older brother who will be known as the emperor, and a younger sister who is the witch. the others have demigods but, as of right now, i will not be writing about them except for in passing.

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