by Ralphearl

>>ordered, sons, nightcap, unusual, ideal

She sat in moonlight, and ordered her sons to bed as she stared off into the sky. She asked me, never turning her head, never letting her eyes off whatever it is she saw out there, or more so, what she did not see, if I would come in for a nightcap. She was a very unusual woman, but she made me feel like no other woman has before.
Though, why should I find her so unusual? What about this woman is there that is different?
It's the stare she has.
She would not look me in the eye for the first couple of weeks of meeting her. I would sense her watching, staring into my soul, but I could never catch her. She would just be staring off into the distance. Eyes on nothing. Nothing anyone could see but her.
We had met online. Not ideal, not what I had always dreamed meeting my love, my wife, my best friend, my lost soul, would be like. Then again, what is ever ideal?
We talked online for a week before meeting, both of us still talking to other strangers, still dating. We met in the park after that week, and both of us talked endlessly, and laughed, and shared more of ourselves with each other. Just getting to know one another.
Well, we have been together a year now. I still don't know what it is she sees out there. I don't know what she sees in me.
This is the first time she has invited me into her home. First time I met her sons. I have yet to meet her husband, but maybe I will see what she sees tonight.
And maybe what I see might kill me, but I think I would be alright with that.
This unusual woman bathed in moonlight. At least then I would know she was real.

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