Depths of Oneself

by SplooshGaLoosh

>>paper, shadow, ink, yesteryear, dawn

There comes a time you have to face something, something very horrid. For each it is different but always something that lurks in the shadows of our abysmal pit that we all have deep down inside. A Pit of black, dark, like the ink on a writing quill. Present of every color but devoid of everything. Reminiscent of the pitch black sleep we all have at some point until the light of dawn shines through to wake us from the emptiness. This is what we all face at some point and deal with all the same.

I write on paper of yesteryear to pour out all of myself, the depths, that i hold deep within. The pages flow relentlessly, like a levee breaking loose and flooding everything in its wake. Only the few get through to see the light, while the rest remain dormant in a safe place stored away for eternity. It's the shadow I bare and hold that follows my every step i take in any direction but only seen by me. We all have at least something like this and tend to forget about it or deal with it. I have come to embrace the pit of darkness that resides in me to inspire as well as create and share what others would prefer to ignore.

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Left By: SplooshGaLoosh

i guess i wanted to centralize on a lot of the things i know personally and from others. there's something we all deal with and sometimes we find a way to express it through creativity, such as writing. for me i have covered thousands of pages with writing just to deal with a few of my many problems, so i can only assume others who write have had something that they write about and deal with but might not exactly share. one of the greatest inspirations for me is always my own "darkness" that i know. i guess i take great inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe in that sense where he took fears, pain, turmoil, his life experiences, etc and turned it into works of pure art.

thank you for your kind words. also, hopefully i will come to write more here than i thought i might.

Left By: cain

Wow... I really like the ideas in this write. I think it's true that sometimes it's darkness that inspires creativity... and we have to write the things that we almost cannot face. Thanks for sharing.