I am a poet.

by ChrisOk

>>weapon, zero, feared, produced, rage

I come from an army of many like me.
Faced many wars, we all continue to fight, each for a different reason.

I am a Poet.

My tongue is a weapon, as words amd similies all pour out in a metaphorical spout.
I speak of rage, love and betrayal,
The picture I leave is a feared portayal.

I am a poet.

  A portrayal of man, who claim to be strong, I find the words to make them fall to their knees, I produced born again beings with the words that leave my mouth.

I am a Poet.

Long after I turn into bones and dust, may the metal structures around me turn into rust,
Another soldier will soon take my place leaving Zero room for mistakes.
we all belong to a nexus of everyday soldiers.
we are poets.

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