A Violet

by ianusher

>>undiscovered, violet, landlubber, current, faithful

among the others
a violet
clings faithful to the sun
like a landlubber bobbing at sea -
arms around a plank of wood,
head above water,
in rippling currents of wind.

Head above dirt,
the violet breaks the surface tension
to find the sun.
But it cannot stay above
the tidal turning of the Earth.

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Left By: cain

I really love the descriptions and language of this poem... the violet "clinging" to the sun, a "landlubber bobbing at sea". I like the way land and water seem to mesh here, it creates an interesting image. I love the way you describe the violet breaking through the dirt. The last line is foreboding, and paints a grave picture of the tiny violet fighting against the giant earth... at least, that's how I interpreted it. Thanks for sharing :)