by gyro

>>rate, international, yep, lavender, antennae

Bug's antennae twitched. Something wasn't right.

True, the morning had been uneventful. Early rise, breakfast, news. Still, he was uneasy. In his twelve years, his gut had never led him astray.

He picked at the lavender clippings on his desk.

A red alert on his monitor. Gleeful, frantic news headlines flashed: The international YEP rate was plummeting!

Bug's phone began to ring. He sat there.

Just when the economy had shown signs of growth! New mineral deposits uncovered. Booming silk production. The Pollinators' Union placated. All now in peril...

Bug sighed and willed his antennae still. He considered, not for the first time, a career switch, then picked up the phone.

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Left By: ryan

I like how you chose to form the story around "antennae" to create a bug themed world. I love creative worldbuilding! I could see this going somewhere fun if you ever choose to flesh it out further.

Left By: cain

I really liked this, your writing style is so good. I kind of want to read more... I'm curious what caused the economy to crash, when everything was going so well.