The Climb

by jcarr

>>earthly, jocose, covered, moss, infamous

The thousandth of a million souls,
At destination, lost and blithe,
I give my request to the elder,
that he may grant that more arrive.

The ropes I've climbed to reach this height,
ripped away with care,
I take my chisel, bloodied, tarnished,
and strike with trained despair.

I gaze down to the meadows lost,
and they gaze back at me,
I only wish that what once was,
could as easily be seen.

I ask perhaps, for all I've done
that my dust be returned,
I do not know if that may be
to inspire or deter

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Left By: anonymousballs2000

this is awesome and I really didn't realize you were supposed to take inspiration from the words I thought you were supposed to insert the words themselves into the poems this was really helpful thank you. the imagery was really beautiful too.