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Kindness is such an abused term and I have no love to it. Kindness is what we are asked to associate us with from the moment we can read the emotions of other humans.
Kindness is such a misused entity that it does not mostly stick on individuals who does inhuman acts..often brings us to question of our existence or we humans after all...even animals behave with some sanity sometimes
However, kindness is the most important essence of human existence, without kindness to others be it for humans or non-humans we no longer have the right to exist on this planet.

Kindness comes at a cost and sacrifice.. kindness will become simpler if we are in state wherein we can be very very kind to others without affecting ourselves in the return.

If we provide support to others in their hour of need, even if we are in excruciating pain...that brings us to the ultimate act of kindness.

However, we should loathe people who in the guise of kindness does unfathomable harm to other individuals and then indeed live in the society as most respected individuals.

And then kindness is also something which cannot be taken for granted and indeed one cannot be always meant to be kind to an individual who does not deserve any kindness.
If we are kind once and then we are expected to fall in a routine of kindness towards an individual even though he is not worthy of our kindness, then it is better to stop being kind and look else where, if anyone out there deserves our attention.

On the whole, in the present we often  fall in a trap whether to be kind or made to look like a fool or feel cheated or regret later for your kind act.. It is a walk on thin ice.
It is said that do a good deed and forget about it and I just do not believe it ..a good deed done to an undeserving human amounts to a grave mistake..and brings with it an extreme sorrowfulness.

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