by naveed

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Jolt is one of the most lovable words.. I just love it .. It brings with it a sense of extreme emotion be it happiness, bliss or unfathomable sadness.

A jolt is what is needed sometimes in our lives to wake us up and to taste the sense of reality.. yes taste.. It will then let us savor the truths and misinformation which have been hibernated for so long and now you have woken up from your dreams for good.. most of the times

Jolt is what is indeed needed for us to turn back and look where we have traveled and see if we have traveled so far to no return..

It is related to our belief of being in a cocoon and an unknown sense of comfort to which we are so habituated that we indeed miss the inevitable and a jolt brings us to reality

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Left By: cain

This is so true and insightful. I really loved the second stanza, about how a jolt is necessary at times to "wake us up". Thanks for sharing, and I hope you continue to write :)