Simpler Times

by BreShark

>>jovial, amateurish, throughout, understood, impatience

I remember the days when we were kids
Those were simpler times
Ones without the restrictions and feelings of dread
That come with age and responsibility

Those were the times when we were free
To be jovial, to be excited, to be anxious
To love, to cry, to smile, to laugh

Those were the times when we could do anything
We could explore, we could climb, we could fall
We could jump, we could run, we could swim
We could dance, we could play, we could fly
Even if we couldn't, we could try
As amateurish as it was, we could try

But throughout those times, we grew
Our impatience, our need to be understood
They grew along with us
So, we said goodbye to those simpler times

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