Casual Chats is a place for you to socialize with your fellow writers. You may go off topic here (discuss things not related to writing). We encourage you to talk about your day, your week, your hobbies, and more. Get to know each other in this board!

We ask only a few things:

1. Please keep the conversation here casual. Please avoid controversial topics such as religion or politics. (It is okay to mention them in passing, such as stating that you are a Christian, but please do not engage in a debate or extended discussion about these.) Please also avoid topics that may be potentially triggering, including talk of suicide, trauma, abuse, and self harm.

2. Please refrain from posting links to your personal blogs, websites, and other promotional materials in this board unless it contributes in some way to the discussion. For example, you may post links to your written works only if you feel it is relevant to the discussion at hand. In general, these should be posted in the Share Your Work board.

Thank you, and enjoy.
-the admin team-