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These are mostly common-sense rules, but best to read them over just in case.

  1. Keep it PG-13. Please refrain from posting profanity or content of a sexual, explicit, or triggering nature.
  2. Keep it friendly. Be respectful of other users.
  3. Keep it casual. These forums are meant for writing-related discussion and friendly chats.
  4. Don't spam. Self promotion is allowed (such as linking to your writing blog), but do not spam the link.
  5. Don't troll. Trying to intentionally upset or trick other users will result in a ban.
  6. Stay on topic. Don't worry too much. If you accidentally post in the wrong forum, admins will move the topic for you.
  7. Report and ignore if something bothers you. The admins will deal with it. Ignore the offender and move on.

Thank you for helping us keep Jumble forums a safe and friendly place.